Design that expresses your faith, fosters meaningful connection, & makes a bold impression.

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Brand Identity

the foundation of your business

First impressions are everything. And that couldn't be more true when it comes to your brand. If your brand was a stranger someone meets for the first time, would they want get to know you or avoid you and move on?

Our full service brand identity involves diving into who your brand is at its core, and transforming that into beautiful, custom visuals that your audience can connect to. 

Website Design

your essential online presence

If your brand is the first impression someone gets when they meet you, your website is how they feel when they first enter your home. 

Give them a reason to stick around and connect through a beautiful and easy user experience that fosters genuine engagement.

...and more (don't hesitate to reach out even if you don't see what you need here!)

ADD-ON Services

print collateral




Packaging design

Basic copywriting

Looking for something else? With branding as the base, here are some extras you can add on: 

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Our Process

how it works

Our client portal will give you a simple overview of the process. It's your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about your project, and our primary platform for communication (besides email).

I go in depth with you on the ins-and-outs of your business, industry, competition, and more.

Using the newly developed strategy, I design your brand and/or website that is bold and vibrant, authentically represents your faith and values, and stands out within your industry.

Whether it's your new brand or a fresh website, I'll help you show it off with mockups, guidance, tutorials and anything you need to confidently start putting your investment to good use.

Our discovery calls are free, and during our conversation we can discuss your goals and vision, along with a custom proposal that will best fit your needs. 

Since every project and client is unique, the best way to determine your ideal investment is to schedule a free (no pressure!) call so that we can discuss all the details. That being said, most of our projects land in the four-figure range.

How Much do your packages cost?


Investing in a brand identity is something that I will always recommend (whether you choose to work with me or another designer!).

Although the value cannot be as easily measured in actual data (unlike with websites), having a brand identity that aligns with your business' values, vision, and mission can lead to attracting more of your ideal audience, a higher sense of confidence and motivation in showing up as a business owner, greater industry recognition, and much more. 

what's the value or return on investment of branding?


I have experience in many of the well-known website platforms, but my preferred platform is Showit. Showit is best suited for marketing websites (websites that don't have a shop), and it is an amazing drag and drop website builder specifically made for creatives.

Coming soon: Shopify website design for clients with ecommerce needs.

What website platforms do you work in?


Project timelines are dependent upon a few things: your chosen package, your timeline goals, and studio availability. 
Full service branding projects can take about 4-6 weeks, while brand intensives have about a 2 week timeline.

Websites can vary greatly based on the project's scope, with average timelines being 6-8 weeks or more.

how soon can i expect my project to be completed?


Discovery calls are an opportunity for us to get to know each other! The goal is that after we talk, you feel absolutely clear about how I can potentially help you achieve your vision and business goals.

These calls are always pressure-free and laid back, like going out for a coffee with a new friend (or iced matcha, in my case!). Even if you choose not to work with me, the opportunity to learn about your business and take some time to talk is something I will always value!

what do you discuss during a discovery call?


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