I wear many hats (but not literally because hat head and my curls just don’t mix, lol). I’m a wife, a mom of three (two on earth + one in heaven), a lover of Jesus, and a digital media graduate.

At my core, I love to worship Jesus through what I create. I find immense beauty in details because I love how detailed God is as the Creator. The little variations of color in leaves, the patterns on the wings of a butterfly, the subtle shifts in the notes of a song, and so much more. 

Hey, I'm Giselle!

Meet the founder

My Favorite Things

worshipping jesus


laughing after every sentence

trying new creative outlets

video/board games w/family

iced matcha lattes

all the flowers to Ever Exist


To support kingdom creatives who have uncompromising faith and fearless authenticity, as they boldly pursue God-given destiny.

our mission

Creating Hallelujahs is a creative studio based out of Jacksonville, FL. We are passionate about serving kingdom creatives who are fully convinced of their God-given purpose, and determined to show up in their industry with a brand that matches their greater-than-myself vision, and boldly declares their faith.

We help take brands from dream to reality with vibrant design and colorful simplicity.

About Creating Hallelujahs

Our studio not only helps creatives align design to their values, but also uncover and celebrate their God-given purpose.

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